May 21 2024: Fixed an issue with our back end that was causing responses to hang -- sorry!

October 5 2023: Upgraded our AI model

November 16 2022: Added new language: Korean!

September 6 2022: Added "Photo Talk" mode, and added app localizations for ~20 languages.

August 19 2022: Six new languages: Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese!

August 14 2022: Launched the Web App version -- available at

NOTE: We are rapidly expanding our set of scenarios, please send suggestions to! 

Learn languages naturally by chatting with state-of-the-art AI agents.

Chat with an advanced AI tutor who is endlessly happy to talk, gently provides suggestions and corrections, and never gets frustrated or embarrassed!

Osio provides Language Learning Scenarios for almost every real-world situation that you might find yourself in -- from talking about your favorite flavor of ice-cream, to reserving a hotel room, to discussing a business plan.

Osio uses state-of-the-art AI systems (GPT-3), language-specific speech recognition and text-to-speech to enable a seamless conversational experience. But it also allows you to rewind the conversation and explore other paths, and provides you with suggestions (and translations) if you get stuck!

Eleven languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese.

For support, please contact us at